Stunt Skibidi

Stunt Skibidi

Stunt Skibidi

Experience being an awesome pilot going through circles and collecting stars in Stunt Skibidi. As far as you can while collecting the golden stars that are floating in the air, control the character Skibidi Toilet. You will come across circles at various heights along the way; you must navigate through them to avoid them. The game will end immediately if the player encounters any obstacles.

Features of Stunt Skibidi

  • Free on all platforms
  • Control the character easily
  • Simple gameplay suitable for all ages

How to play

  • Left key: Rotate up
  • Right key: Rotate down
    • 01: Fly inside the hoops without crashing
    • 02: Try to collect all stars to finish each level
    • 03: Collect the potion to recharge the Skibidi

Are you ready to fly??

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