Skibidi Toilet Jump

Skibidi Toilet Jump

Skibidi Toilet Jump

Skibidi Toilet Jump is a fun jumping game with the main character Skibidi Toilet overcoming obstacles to reach the big bathtub. The obstacles this time are hot lava and gaps. Players need to control the Skibidi Toilets to overcome all to go into the pipe leading to the bath

The Skibidi Toilets will arrive in batches and in unspecified quantities. As soon as they pass through the lava and reach the water pipe, they will automatically be sucked in and go to the bath. Your score depends on how many SKibidi Toilets you have saved. Also, each character you can't save will reduce your chances of replaying until the stats go back to 0.

How to play

  • Use your mouse to play this game
  • Try not to let any Skibidi Toilet falling
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