Grimace Only Up!

Grimace Only Up!

Grimace Only Up!

Grimace Only Up! gets ready for an extraordinary adventure as the nimble-moving Grimace collects stars towards the finish line. Travel through a world with a forest design and many mysteries. This game belongs to the platformer theme, with the task of having the character run and jump to reach the finish line. The implementation context is the forest, so there are certainly many different traps. Enjoy captivating visuals that bring the world of Grimace to life as you progress deeper into the game.

Take a trip that will put your reflexes, talents, and resolve to the test. Overcoming difficulties requires character movement. You can fully experience the game environment by immersing yourself in breathtaking 3D graphics. To produce an engaging visual experience, every aspect has been painstakingly created.

How to play

  • Grimace's movement controls are simple using the WASD keys.
  • Jump up Simply press the space key and then press the shift key.
  • Observe your surroundings easily with mouse control.
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