Horror Hide And Seek Game

Horror Hide And Seek Game

Horror Hide And Seek Game

Escape the hands of following ghosts and survive to the end in Horror Hide And Seek Game. Join the same characters on their fantastic adventure voyage. The survival game genre should unquestionably have a large number of characters. The only objective is to effectively hide and flee from the witch's gaze. The character may transform into objects such as brooms, beds, books, etc. The easier the route, the greater the disguise. Find the seal as soon as possible in order to close the portal and expel the ghost girl's soul. That entails achievement, winning, and obtaining rewards.


  • For the best disguise, easily morph the character into the type of object appropriate for the occasion.
  • There is the ability to use a variety of powers to boost movement speed and use unseen talents.
  • There are gate seals to chase the ghosts out of the region.
  • This is a multiplayer survival game, so winning requires you to reach the end by yourself.

How to play

Use the WASD keys to navigate and the mouse to make selections.

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