Bomber Battle Arena

Bomber Battle Arena

Bomber Battle Arena

Find the correct location of the bomb to properly detonate as many trees as possible in the Bomber Battle Arena. The branches swiftly clear the tree, and the position of the treasure chest is immediately determined. Because of its unique and appealing gameplay, this game is quite appealing. Transform into a bomb placement guide. When you uncover the treasure chest and advance to the next level, your mission is complete. The environment will be designed as a maze, making it difficult to succeed.

How to play

  • Examine the maze map and direct the character down the correct path.
  • There are numerous spots where trees and items are far apart, so select the suitable explosion range.
  • Do not get too close to the bomb or it can simply detonate the entire character.
  • There are many stages with increasing complexity, so play and enjoy a variety of obstacles.

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