Lighthouse Havoc

Lighthouse Havoc

Lighthouse Havoc

Lighthouse Havoc sends you on a journey to escape the lighthouse and fight against a zombie invasion. This site has become a safe haven during the space apocalypse. Complete the task with a new command and successfully lead your troops out safely. Because the lighthouse is at a high altitude and has many diverse rooms, each floor must be investigated. Keep an eye on your surroundings to protect yourself from the abrupt appearance of zombies. Exhibit accurate marksmanship to effectively lead the way to the exit.


  • The game takes place at the end of the world, with a largely gloomy background.
  • Combination of shooting games and escape from an enticing maze
  • First-person survival in the game with the appearance of several zombies

How to play

  • Observe and move by using the WASD keys.
  • Click to shoot precisely.
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