Poopy Smash Driver

Poopy Smash Driver

Poopy Smash Driver

Poopy Smash Driver transports gamers to every nook and cranny of the metropolis. Escape the poppie-infested area successfully. Many online players collaborate to defeat the apocalypse in the game. The only mode of transportation is an old automobile. To properly survive in this environment, you must respond quickly and practice your driving skills.

Many residences are laid out like a maze for players to explore. Escape successfully and accomplish the task. In addition, scary sound effects are expertly blended throughout the action. The environment in the desert area is stunning, contributing to the realism of the 3D visuals. Collect extra goodies along the way to enhance the car. Only when it is robust and fit for driving in this terrain will it be easier to survive.

How to play

  • When using the WASD keys, you can move quickly.
  • Use the mouse to locate a way out.
  • When you hold down the Shift key, you can run faster.
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