Skibidi Escape: Backrooms!

Skibidi Escape: Backrooms!

Skibidi Escape: Backrooms!

The terrible and scary backstage in Skibidi Escape: Backrooms! would make anyone afraid. This is a dimension no different from the Backrooms versions you have participated in although its scenery is similar to what you have experienced. Dim fluorescent lights with typical yellow wallpapered walls, along with screams in a terrifyingly silent space. All contribute to creating a top horror game.

The monster this time will be Skibidi Toilet, with its pursuit, the game will become more dramatic than ever. Activate the generator and the secret wing will appear, go through it to escape. Be careful because the monster crawls everywhere to hunt you, but don't worry because Skibidi Toilet's signature music will appear every time it approaches, run as fast as you can from the first seconds. Collect more bonuses to accumulate for a new skin you love. Have fun!

How to play

  • Mouse - overview
  • W,A,S,D/Arrow keys - move
  • Shift - run
  • C - tease
  • Space - jump
  • Esc - pause
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