Cowboy vs Skibidi Toilets

Cowboy vs Skibidi Toilets

Cowboy vs Skibidi Toilets

Travel to the Wild West to meet Cowboy vs Skibidi Toilets. Control cowboy character to defend your area against Skibidi Toilet intruders. The game is a refreshing combination of visuals and two characters. Prepare for an amazing journey into the Wild West. Each round feels like a thrilling duel under the desert sun.

Making it to the next round while avoiding invasion by Skibidi Toilet is the objective. The more you explore, the more different the character's weapons will be. Unlock more to become a powerful cowboy with precise shooting skills to destroy foes.


  • Themed backdrops, characters, and weaponry are all painstakingly cared for with a Wild West vibe.
  • Shooting genre coupled with two well-known characters, Cowboy and Skibidi Toilet.
  • Beautiful graphics with painstakingly crafted arena designs
  • Many weapons can be unlocked by winning prior matches.

How to play

  • Use the WASD keys to effortlessly navigate.
  • Shoot with mouse clicks.
  • When you press the G key, you can launch a grenade.
  • Jump up and take a look around, push the spacebar.
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