Backrooms 2

Backrooms 2

Backrooms 2

Welcome to the second part of the game series called Backrooms 2. This is the anticipated game with incredible adventures in a legendary room with old yellow wallpaper and a single hum. The annoying, rhythmic tone of office lights. However, don't let your guard down because you will have to face unknown mysteries and dangers.

Waking up in a strange house and discovering the toilet is missing. Interesting yet? Who would want such a thing? Search your house and find clues, don't ignore what's on the outside. But how to get out? That is the problem! This place will become your worst nightmare if you don't escape from here as soon as possible. Find 10 anomalies to escape from, they are items trapped in the game's rooms. Put them in the right place and you can get home safely.

How to play

  • Mouse - overview
  • W,A,S,D/Arrow keys - move
  • Left mouse click - interact
  • E/Mouse wheel - flashlight
  • Shift - run
  • Spacebar - jump
  • Tab - pause
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