NextBoot Horror Online

NextBoot Horror Online

NextBoot Horror Online

NextBoot Horror Online is a new horror game in the style of the famous Nextbots where you will face popular memes but appearing with many scary shades. If you are a shy person, this game will not be a good choice, however if you love horror elements, this is an option worth considering. Are you ready for a new adventure? It is full of unexpected elements and the player must show all the skills to survive.

The game includes 3 modes: survival, escape and search. In the first mode, survival is the only goal. You must show your cunning and all the experience you have to survive for the maximum time where Nextbot monsters exist. Players can completely choose the difficulty level if they feel the challenge is not attractive enough. At that time, the number of enemies will increase, meaning you will struggle to win. Collect 5 notes with numbers written on them and golden keys to complete the mission and defeat tough enemies. Identify the unique sounds of each Nextbot to find ways to eliminate them. Can you survive??

How to play

  • Mouse - overview, aim and shoot
  • W,A,S,D/Arrow keys - move
  • F - pick up an object
  • Shift - running
  • R - reloading
  • Mouse wheel/Down arrow key - change weapon
  • G - grenade
  • Ctrl/X - crouch
  • Space - jump
  • Esc - pause
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