zBall 4 Halloween

zBall 4 Halloween

zBall 4 Halloween

zBall 4 Halloween allows you to control a bizarre creature and decide when to arrive, the game tests your reaction time. The path should be zigzagged. Take things in. Soar as far as you can!

There is a square-paneled path in adventure. An emerging witch, that's who you play. Just provide orders, and the magic car will obey. Avert falling into the gloomy abyss by assisting the witch to live.

See a list of things to look for by clicking the cart. Numerous directional signs, blocks of various colors, etc. are present. Each block is worth 25 points. One is added to the box on the main menu when purchased. Purchase all of the store's goods to fill it up.

How to play

Use mouse to play game

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