Toilet Monster Hide n Seek

Toilet Monster Hide n Seek

Toilet Monster Hide n Seek

Toilet Monster Hide n Seek was created based on the famous game Hide And Seek that you used to play as a child. You will have the most thrilling times ever with the straightforward but engaging gameplay.

To take part in the largest group battle ever, carefully practice with your teammates. You must command your character to advance without being seen by Skibidi Toilet. You must halt all motion and remain still whenever the toilet monster turns to face you in order to avoid being killed by the guards. The winner is the player who crosses the finish line first; if that player is not you, you lose.

Since there is a time limit on this game, if you haven't finished when it expires, you will also lose. Get ready for the ultimate battle of strategy, fighting ability, and monster mayhem!

How to play

  • Use your mouse to play this game
  • Swipe to make your character move
  • Stop when the Skibidi Toilet turns around or you will be eliminated
  • Reach the green light on time
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