Tailed Monsters - Puzzle

Tailed Monsters - Puzzle

Tailed Monsters - Puzzle

Tailed Monsters - Puzzle is a fun puzzle game with a snake monster. You can move the monsters about the maps in each level by dragging them from either their head or their tail. Each level's creatures will have a head of a specific color and a tail made of rocks. You must move each monster's head into a location where it matches its color in order to complete the level. You must do this task before the time allotted for it expires on you because if that happens, you will lose. Each level includes a timer that is counting down. You can receive one to three stars per level, depending on how quickly you moved through the level.

How to play

Bringing the monster to its icon is your mission.

Drag the monster by the head to move it.

The tail can also be pulled!

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