Squid Escape

Squid Escape

Squid Escape

Welcome to Squid Escape's high-octane world! Immerse yourself in a dystopian world where desperate people are forced to compete in death. You take on the role of a runner who must avoid perilous obstacles, gather priceless coins, and put your skills to the test in order to survive. Your difficult decisions and demanding challenges reflect the struggles you face. You get a little bit closer to freedom and getting out of this dangerous game with each coin you collect.

How to play

Collect as many coins as possible in each level

Boosters are on your right side. They will help you to avoid:

  • Spikes and saws
  • Bullets & bombs
  • Obstacles

Reach the goal and you will earn 1 booster. Target - 500 meters

There are two options in settings that you can control:

  • To jump, let go of your finger over the player. To slide, let go of your finger under the player.
  • Anywhere with your finger. Depending on the starting position, your finger will jump or slide when you release it.

Move your player to left or right to play

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