Slendrina: The Celar

Slendrina: The Celar

Slendrina: The Celar

Slendrina: The Celar is the new name for this installment of the game. Slenderman will knock you out once you have searched the entire house and found all eight pieces of the artwork. Now that you know the secret behind Slendrina, you aren't allowed to leave the house anymore. They lock you up in the basement of their house. This location is starting to remind me more and more of The Bunker. If you wish to make it out of this location unscathed, you will need to locate 8 books. Best of luck! These four tools will be of great assistance to you in your fight for survival: - Knife - Gun - Shotgun - MP5

How to play

W A S D to walk around
Mouse to Look around
Left Mouse Button to Fire
Right Mouse Button to Aim
Mouse Wheel To Change Weapons
G for Grenades
R to Reload
F to Pickup Items
Left Shift to Run Left
CTRL to Crouch
X to Prone
V to Melee
Space to Jump


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