Slenderman: Silent Forest

Slenderman: Silent Forest

Slenderman: Silent Forest

Welcome to the silent forest in the video game Slenderman: Silent Forest, in which you become Slendrina and escape the still woodland.

Do you adore playing horror-themed escape games? To find intriguing objects in the forest during the day or at night, you must walk rapidly. You might get more intrigued if you have the option of nighttime exploration. Along your journey, gather tools and goods. Explore all of the buildings in the forest as far as you can. Keep in mind the other people's assault.

How to play

  • Move about by using WASD.
  • Look around using the mouse.
  • Utilize the left mouse button to fire.
  • The right mouse button to aim
  • Swipe to switch weapons.
  • F to pick up things 
  • G get grenades
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