Slenderman Must Die: DEAD SPACE

Slenderman Must Die: DEAD SPACE

Slenderman Must Die: DEAD SPACE

In Slenderman Must Die: DEAD SPACE, you will realize that you haven't played a version quite like this one before. Your spaceship has run out of fuel in the year 2496. In order to locate some fresh power cells, you must dock at the decommissioned space station. To be able to recharge your spaceship, you must locate 13 energy cells. Nobody knows why this space station was abandoned, though. According to rumors, the military tried some odd experiments on this space station, but after they failed, they abandoned it and changed it into what it is today. You quickly learn that the Space Station is not abandoned as was previously believed once you board it! There is somebody or something here. Let's solve this puzzle!

How to play

WASD to Move
Mouse to Shoot, look and aim
F to Pickup Items
Space to Jump


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