Skibidi Toilet Maze

Skibidi Toilet Maze

Skibidi Toilet Maze

Skibidi Toilet Maze is a weird and creepy Skibidi Toilet style puzzle game. You must find a way out of the maze without being discovered by the Skibidi Toilet.

The background of the game is a bright maze combined with rows of compartments to create identical paths. Skibidi Toilets are everywhere and chasing you. Run fast to find the way out and avoid the scary toilets approaching you.

What makes this game scary is the music and Skibidi Toilet's unexpected appearance. In no particular order, they can be found anywhere. You must avoid running into their direction, but if you do, immediately alter your course. Additionally, players must accelerate to escape because they move so quickly. No timer, no traps, and no weapons are present in this game. Only running nonstop can help you to escape the maze.

How to play

  • Use arrow keys to run
  • Try to run as fast as possible
  • Change the direction immediately as soon as you see Skibidi Toilet
  • If you hit one of them, the game is over
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