Skibidi Rush

Skibidi Rush

Skibidi Rush

Skibidi Rush is a speed sliding game on a plane of endless length. How far can you go? Your goal in this game is to steer the Skibidi Toilet along a flat surface without falling and dodging feces along the way. The character slides quite quickly, so winning depends on having quick reflexes.

This is a game in the Skibidi Toilet series, which is currently a popular trend. As a result, many new games featuring Skibidi Toilet as the main character have been developed from this character. Its popularity can be seen in games of all genres, including action, arcade, puzzle, and haunting horror. Why then haven't you played this game and found more variations of it at Skibidi Toilet?

How to play

Tap on mobile or click your mouse to change Skibidi Toilet's direction

Try to avoid poops and falling

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