Skibidi Jump

Skibidi Jump

Skibidi Jump

Welcome to Skibidi Jump! You have come to the right place to play the SKibidi Toilet game. Before flushing "finished products" down the toilet, jump over barriers with a click. The toilet door will immediately appear once you have gathered the "finished product," so all you have to do is get there.

Watch out for the traps along the way in higher levels because they will get harder and harder to get past. This game is enjoyable and great for unwinding with. Decrease your level of stress while playing and instead have fun. Have a fun time!

How to play

  • Click your mouse to jump over the obstacles
  • Collect the “poops” and transfer it to the toilet
  • The character will move automatically, players just need to jump, when it go to the end, it will automatically turn around
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