Shoot Your Nightmare: Wake Up

Shoot Your Nightmare: Wake Up

You are one of the people who survived an experiment that involved controlling their dreams - Shoot Your Nightmare: Wake Up. Every night, you get nightmares instead of dreams. The only way to put an end to your recurring nightmares is to face them head on. Fight your way through the metropolis that has been infected and find out the truth behind the terrible viral outbreak. Investigate possible leads, engage in combat with adversaries, and put a stop to the experiment. Let's work together to overcome all of the obstacles and come out on top in this game. The liberation of the city is up to you. Best of luck!

How to play

Mouse 1: Fire
Mouse 2: Aim/Block
W-S-A-D: Walk
Left Shift: Sprint
Left Ctrl: Crouch
X: Prone
Space: Jump
F: Use item
R: Reload
H: Holster weapon
G: Grenade
V: Melee attack


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