Ranger Action

Ranger Action

Ranger Action

You must eliminate the flying zombies that are rushing toward you in Ranger Action. All information regarding zombies has been listed in the system, and players can view it at any moment to learn more. You already have a gun in your hand; aim accurately, then squeeze the trigger to eliminate the enemy. Members in the game can also observe the strength, level, and speed of the zombie in addition to your own. Run and jump dynamically on the roof to annihilate the zombies on the ground and in the air. Collect gold coins as well, as this will help you have more money to enhance your weapons. A wonderful time!

How to play

Click to shot gun symbol to shoot and click the yellow back pack symbol to fly

Clear all zombies on the ground and in the sky 

Go as far as you can

Players can also use super power to eliminate wide range of enemies

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