Jeff VS Slendrina

Jeff VS Slendrina

Jeff VS Slendrina

Welcome to Jeff VS Slendrina! Transform become the famed assassins Jeff or Slendrina to earn the ultimate victory.

Are you a fan of horror games featuring ferocious zombies? This is a third-person shooter. You must move rapidly and locate your foes. At the same time, you must avoid obstacles that may appear as you move. Because they are numerous, you must eliminate them as soon as possible. Furthermore, gather a large number of weapons in order to survive in this old structure for an extended period of time.

How to play

  • WASD is used to move around.
  • To look around, use the mouse.
  • To shoot, use the left mouse button.
  • To aim, use the right mouse button
  • Swipe to change weapons.
  • F to obtain items
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