Into The Trigger

Into The Trigger

Into The Trigger

The zombie apocalypse has officially begun in Into The Trigger. The first time survivors come into touch with zombies is a terrible experience that can leave them in a state of shock, panic, disbelief, and even denial, which hinders their capacity to deal with further violent encounters. In this 3D horror shooter game, your goal is to escape a zombie-infested city while surviving the end of the world. Beginning in your apartment, where you must use your pistol to escape, you are given missions to save other survivors by the commander you meet later. To kill zombies, you can use various weapons and grenades. To avoid them, you can sprint, crouch, prone, and lean. With realistic graphics and sound effects, the game features both interior and exterior settings.

How to play

Mouse 1 : fire weapon
Mouse 2 : raise sights or block
W A S D: Move Player
Left Shift : sprint
Left Ctrl : crouch
X : prone
Q : lean left
E : lean right
Space : jump
F : use item
R : reload
G : throw grenade
Esc or Tab : Pause


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