Hunt Skibidi Toilet

Hunt Skibidi Toilet

Hunt Skibidi Toilet

The newly well-liked Skibidi Toilet character appears in the action-horror game Hunt Skibidi Toilet. The setting of the game will transport you to a remote location where the Skibidi Toilet is terrorizing gamers everywhere. You can only experience Skibidi Toilet by playing this game, and it is a very spooky but entertaining experience.

In the game, players will see themselves in a deserted city. They must locate all of the weapons, leave this cursed location, and survive in order to save people who are in need. The Skibidi Toilet is said to pass through this area at night in quest of prey. If it spots someone, it will change into a Skibidi Toilet and run after them quickly!

How to play

FIGHT MODE: Drag mouse while hold left mouse - move cursor and shoot

SHOOTING MODE: WASD - Character move mouse move and click - FIRE

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