Helicopter Escape 3D Game

Helicopter Escape 3D Game

Helicopter Escape 3D Game

Shooting skills are combined with quick running steps to free hostages in the Helicopter Escape 3D Game. Transform into an agent to fight the zombie invasion. Attractive action game with smooth movement design. Not only do you need to demonstrate accurate aiming and shooting skills, but you also need to combine helicopter control. Fly the helicopter to stop the zombie action from slowing down and perform a rescue mission. Get the city's residents to move quickly so they don't get caught up.


  • The game requires a lot of manipulation when using guns and flying planes.
  • Vivid graphic design of every detail of the city, people, and zombies.
  • Sound follows a clear rhythm with each action.
  • Realistic helicopter graphics with every move.

How to play

The keyboard and mouse are tools that help players best control their characters.

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