Computer Office Escape

Computer Office Escape

Computer Office Escape

Welcome to Computer Office Escape game. There are those areas where you feel 100 percent protected and believe nothing bad will ever happen to you. Your workplace is probably one of them. That's because it's a public location, and it's absurd to think that any hidden threats would be hiding behind the coffee maker or in the archive. There are so many people that stay there, even at night, without feeling nervous. However, you can never predict when fear may set in.

The boss is gone, and the other employees have vanished. In the office, where business and life were before in full motion, you awoke all by yourself. There are bars on the windows and the doors on the other side have been closed, making it impossible to choose through them. With a few mouse clicks, any issue may be resolved. Everything else is up to you. You will undoubtedly notice that you started to think more clearly and got more attentive after listening to it for a few nights in a row.

If you love this escape type, there are more to catch. Hold on and check it out new games everyday!

How to play

You need to work out a ton of riddles, get enough supplies to use them, and then escape. You'll encounter a variety of riddles in the office, the solutions to which will grant you access to flash drives, and you'll learn how to use the flash drives that are currently present in the game.

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