Zombies Shooter Part 1

Zombies Shooter Part 1

Zombies Shooter Part 1

In Zombies Shooter Part 1, the Zombie Virus has spread throughout the city, and practically everyone has been afflicted by it. Zombies can be found wandering the streets and seeking shelter in homes, businesses, parks, and... Your objective is to eliminate all of the zombies in the city. You can kill zombies with your massive armament, but you need to have enough money to buy it. The remains of the defeated foes are strewn about; you will need to track them down and dispose of each one. Be wary, as zombies who have been shot in the leg will be able to crawl towards you and bite you if they get close enough; if this happens, the game will be finished and you will have to start from the beginning. Fight to protect your city and stay alive!

How to play

Mouse - look around

WASD - movement

W + Shift - Run

Space - jump

Left Mouse Button - Shoot

Right Mouse Button (Hold) - Aim

Mouse Wheel - Next / Previous Weapon

1-7 - weapon hotkeys

R - reload

G - throw a grenade

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