Zombie X City Apocalypse

Zombie X City Apocalypse

Zombie X City Apocalypse

You should not skip out on playing Zombie X City Apocalypse because it is an updated version of a classic zombie-themed tale shooting game. It has been discovered that a covert experiment was carried out in your city, and as a consequence, the city is now infested with zombies. Now, the only thing that remains to be done is to prepare the route to triumph in the zombie apocalypse! Use everything you have to rid the road of any zombies you come across while you fight for your life. Simply having the ability to move freely and shoot accurately are the only requirements.

How to play

L - lock / unlock cursor

WASD or Arrows - walk

Space - jump

LMB/RMB - shoot / aim

R - reload

T - time slow

F - flash light

G - throw granate

C - activate armor

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