Zombie Last Castle 3

Zombie Last Castle 3

Zombie Last Castle 3

The next episode in the Zombie Last Castle series titled Zombie Last Castle 3 will continue the conflict! The wave of zombies that appeared in the latest episode is much stronger! We recommend playing the game in two or three player mode because of the appeal of this game. Do not attack the ambulance characters if you are playing the game alone; Instead, ask for their help! Your base will be able to last longer this way. Don't forget to use the all-new spider web defense mechanism. You succeed in the game if you can survive a total of 10 waves! You can use a variety of weapons to defend with a wide area.

How to play

Player 1: W,A,S,D to move and E to shoot

Player 2: arrow keys to move and L to shoot

Player 3: Y,G,H,J to move and U to shoot

Defend the home base from zombies

Use mouse click to upgrade and power-up

You can use mouse click to change weapon for player 2


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