What Remains of Gone Home

What Remains of Gone Home

What Remains of Gone Home

What Remains of Gone Home is a third-person adventure video game that takes place in the same universe as Gone Home and What Remains of Edith Finch. Dynamite Whale is the company that developed the game. Sadly, mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets are not supported by this game. 

What Remains of Gone Home is an interactive narrative that has a foreboding and unsettling tone. Because there is neither a menu nor an interface, we are "thrown" right into the middle of the action from the very beginning of the story. This means that we are compelled to immediately become a part of what is taking place. It will take us virtually the entirety of the game to do nothing but move around to various areas and investigate them in order to piece together a plot that is already complex and shrouded in mystery. The gameplay is based, so to speak, on a variety of puzzles; you will need to scratch your head a little bit, but there is nothing mind-blowing, everything is solved rather easily, and this allows the player to concentrate their attention largely on the storyline of the game. Have fun following the events of this strange and slightly unsettling tale as they unfold on your computer screen.

How to play

Use your mouse to control the direction

Press arrow keys or W,A,S,D to move

Find the way out in the limited time

Avoid "things" appear suddenly

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