The House Of Evil Granny

The House Of Evil Granny

The House Of Evil Granny

You come to when you're inside The House Of Evil Granny when you finally get some rest. Granny, an insane old woman who stalks her prey with a bloodied baseball bat, has you tied up in an ancient, run-down house that she owns and is in the process of destroying. While evading Granny's pursuit, you must search for and unearth the components and implements necessary to unlock the many locks she has installed on her front door. To complete your objective of opening the front door, you need to locate a hammer, which doubles as a weapon and can knock Granny out for a period of 15 seconds, a battery, and the key to the main door.

How to play

W A S D to walk
Mouse To Look Left
Mouse Button To Attack
Right Mouse Button To Block The Attack
F to Interact with objects
Left Shift To Run
Left CTRL to Crouch
X to Prone
Space to Jump


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