The Dandy

The Dandy

The Dandy

The Dandy is a fun casual game with a noir aesthetic, eerie visuals, and spooky sound effects. You must touch on the screen in order to keep Dandy from falling and moving about constantly while playing the game. The objective is to clear Dandy's route of obstructions and earn the maximum score possible each time you play. The sooner you unlock the game's superpowers, the further along you are in the game. Yep, you heard correctly. You can employ one of these three abilities to perform well:

1- Wings Power - Switching up and down will make the wings easy to manage.

2. Blade Power: Equip yourself with this power to cut through any barriers in your path.

3- Ring Power: Increase the ring size for improved pass-through by using the ring power.

You can acquire an extra power in addition to the aforementioned ones. You can use that to collect as many parachutes as you can to earn bonus points and achieve a high score. Sounds intriguing? Play it right away to delight yourself for hours!

How to play

Tap on the screen to avoid the Dandy to fall

Make him go through the ring 

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