The Backrooms

The Backrooms


Welcome to The Backrooms game - a terrifying video game that features an unending labyrinth of office spaces that are generated at random, as well as a variety of settings distinguished by the odor of wet carpet with yellow paint covers every surface, and the lights are kept at a low level.

The Backrooms is a survival horror game in which you will explore various environments, corridors, levels, and pretty much anything else you can think of. The game is based on a legend that is widely disseminated across the Internet. Each room or level has its own unique assortment of hostile creatures, be they monsters, entities, or both. In order to successfully navigate the maze and emerge unscathed, you will need to commit the characteristics of each level to memory.

In this upcoming game, players will be herded into a room for reasons that are currently unknown. The entire space is dominated by dated wallpaper in a yellowish hue, a carpet with visible moisture, and fluorescent lighting. The objective for the player is to maintain forward movement in order to locate the exit in the allotted amount of time and emerge victorious from the maze. Players have to move with extreme caution through the "maze beyond reality" because the individual rooms have been designed to look exactly alike and contain unidentified "things." Your nerves are going to be put under additional stress due to the presence of indistinct noises and laughter that is out of the ordinary. If you are found by "it," there will be nowhere for you to hide, so your only option is to flee as quickly as you can. Don't get caught!

The entirety of the game consists of an exciting adventure in which you must utilize all of your senses in order to navigate the perils and locate the exit. The Backrooms is a remake of the classic game from 1998 that was inspired by a once-shaking British true case. This game is not for those who are easily frightened. Even though some of the smaller details have been removed, the atmosphere and horror that is present helps to create a realistic experience for the player. Additionally, in comparison to the version released in 1998, this one features a contemporary 3D design. and the sensitivity of the sound and design also become much more acute than they were before.

Levels in The Backrooms

  • Level 0: In the picture of the original Backroom, this area is also referred to as the "Corridor." It is complete with all of the glaringly obvious details, such as a moldy carpet, yellow walls in monochrome, and fluorescent lights. The creatures that exist at this level are referred to as "hunting dogs," and they are described as being especially hostile deformed people. Additionally, the "noclip" that can lead a person back to Earth, to another level, or even to an entirely new dimension is this level's defining characteristic and serves as its signature feature.
  • Level 1: obtained after the player chooses to leave the "noclip" zone and continues to play at Level 0 for an extended period of time. At this level, the design will appear to be more industrial in detail: the sound of machinery is everywhere, and there is the possibility that there will be the appearance of an old warehouse with dense fog and standing puddles. When compared to level 0, the details in this level are designed to be more unsettling; for example, the lights will flicker continuously and occasionally turn off, which indicates the presence of unidentified creatures that can be heard screaming from a great distance away.
  • Level 2: Because of the level that came before it, this one is considered to be the one with the most darkness in it. This stage is laid out like a lengthy tunnel and features the aesthetic of an industrial complex. After the player has remained on Level 1 for a sufficient amount of time, they will advance to Level 2, which is much more difficult. The only way out of this predicament is to maintain composure, look around, and search for hints that will lead you to safety.

Entities in The Backrooms

The presence of unknown beings, in addition to the setting's gloomy atmosphere and eerie sounds, is the determining factor in this game's level of creepiness. Each entity possesses its own unique set of characteristics, and depending on those characteristics, they may be hostile, benevolent, or helpful to the player in some way.

Learning and remembering their patterns of behavior and routines is the only way to triumph over them. This will allow you to easily devise appropriate responses to any circumstance that may arise. If you allow yourself to become frightened in their presence, you will become easy prey that will be gradually vanquished.


How to play

Tips and guides

The Backrooms are extremely risky and designed to bring you to your knees as they contain a wealth of information and a variety of settings. The following are the fundamental guidelines that players should follow to prepare themselves mentally and physically:

  • Instructions for reaching Backrooms: Players have to take a break from reality and enter "noclip." Because it will be a random occurrence, there won't be any specific instructions provided for this step. Nevertheless, there are a few things that you can do to make the process go more quickly, such as going to locations where you can find the entrance, such as dark walls in abandoned buildings, suspicious doors, or other locations. random, mysterious areas, when the player slips and falls (This usually doesn't happen, but only on certain stairs), interacting with broken objects; the unusual properties of those stairs will disappear or fly away after two or more attempts. In the event that you notice any of the aforementioned signs, a mysterious doorway will open up before you; get ready to pass through the wall.
  • Luck: Depending on how the system is organized, you might find yourself starting at Level 0 or Level 1 or Level 2 at random. Everything hinges on how fortunate you are in this regard.

In the event that you find yourself in Backrooms by mistake, please proceed as follows:

  • Do not become overly alarmed, remain calm, and make every effort to maintain your composure throughout the situation. Any noise can bring in undesirable elements.
  • Recall specifics about your immediate environment, such as the hue of the walls, the configuration of the furniture in the room, and other similar specifics. This will assist you in determining the level that you are currently at.
  • You should search for the appropriate items according to the level, which are as follows:

- A first aid kit is an item that is necessary for the process of healing and getting better.

- You can use your weapon to defend yourself against hostile creatures and other individuals who have the intent to cause you harm. It is recommended that you make use of knives rather than bows or guns because, despite the fact that guns deal significantly more damage, the noise made by guns can draw additional foes to your location. Knives, on the other hand, are silent. When you miss the target with the bow, the noise it makes can be distracting, so be sure to watch out for it.

- Clock: Because time is limited in The Backrooms, players must always pay attention to the remaining time; otherwise, they will be eliminated from the game as soon as the clock strikes zero.

- Water: At higher levels, you'll have access to Almond Water, which not only prevents you from becoming ill but also allows you to trade it in for other items, such as food or weapons.

- Snacks: It's not that important, but they can help you relax and lessen your anxiety, and having a pack of snacks on hand can make the difference between life and death.

- Lights: When you go to dark places or when the lights are turned off, it has a great effect; you should use headlights if possible because it will help you do other things as well. This is especially important when driving at night.

- In addition, things like backpacks, sleeping bags, clothes, masks, night vision goggles, and other similar items all have very positive effects in any given circumstance.

We hope that your time spent with The Backrooms is enjoyable, and if you find the horror genre to be one of your favorites, check out some of the other games we have available on our website, such as GrandmaThe Backrooms KogamaLaqueus Escape – Chapter 2, Covid-19 Escape Puzzle, Something Looks Weird, Scary Granny: Basement Escape, Evil Granny: Horror Village, The House of Evil Granny, Evil Non Scary Horror Game Adventure, Mentally Disturbed Grandpa The Asylum, Granny Horror Village, Granny House, etc.

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