Slenderman: Underground Bunker 2021

Slenderman: Underground Bunker 2021

Slenderman: Underground Bunker 2021

Welcome to Slenderman: Underground Bunker 2021, a quest to find evidence to defeat Slenderman and his companions.

This game takes place in a basement with many rooms. You move and perform your task. Pay attention to avoid being attacked. Search eight tables for the most relevant information when gathering evidence. There are grenades left in empty rooms, so you can get them and increase your weapon's ammo.


How to play

  • Move: Arrow keys or WASD keys
  • Open doors and pick up items: F key
  • Dominating the surroundings: mouse
  • Change weapon: mouse swipe
  • Aim: Use the right mouse button
  • Shooting: Use the left mouse button
  • Run: Left Shift
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