Slenderman Must Die Survivors

Slenderman Must Die Survivors

In Slenderman Must Die Survivors, you play the role of one of five heroes who are tasked with fighting to stay alive. Gather your health, weapons, and ammunition to get ready for the fight. Fight off Slenderman and his minions to keep yourself alive for as long as possible. To begin, you have a firearm and a machete at your disposal. Let's overcome all hurdles and win this game

How to play

Mouse 1: Fire
Mouse 2: Aim/Block
W-S-A-D: Walk
Left Shift: Sprint
Left Ctrl: Crouch
X: Prone
Space: Jump
F: Use item
R: Reload
H: Holster weapon
G: Grenade
V: Melee attack
Esc or Tab: Pause


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