Slenderman Horror Story MadHouse

Slenderman Horror Story MadHouse

Slenderman Horror Story MadHouse

Welcome to a new adventure in Slenderman Horror Story MadHouse. Escape from the scary house where Slenderman is the biggest fear but do you have any plan? Hunt for objects that you think can help you out, solve puzzles and battle terrifying mental patients as you come across. Don't let them harm you. Use the tools you have to defend yourself. More dangers await you, join the game now to discover all the challenges in this madhouse

How to play

Mouse 1 : fire weapon

Mouse 2 : raise sights or block

W,A,S,D : Move Player

Left Shift : sprint

Left Ctrl : crouch

X : prone

Space : jump

R : reload

G : throw grenade

T : enter bullet time

Esc or Tab: Pause

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