Skibidi Toilet Shooting

Skibidi Toilet Shooting

Skibidi Toilet Shooting

Skibidi Toilet Shooting lets you transform into an American agent facing a certain number of skibidi toilets. The mission requires aiming and accurately shooting moving Skibidi. Really engaging game that shows off accurate shooting skills in a new role. Use powerful guns; make a shot that hits the target straight. Don't let Skibidi attack the character by surprise. Complete challenges and advance to the next level, with secrets to unlock.

Design the main scene for a game set in a blocky world. The two main characters stand out in each action. Weapons can be upgraded to higher levels, so complete missions to unlock more guns.


  • The game is a combination of the character making waves in the Skibidi Toilet game world and the shooting genre.
  • Not only does the character have quick reflexes, but it also requires the character to have accurate aiming and shooting skills.
  • The design does not have many characters but mainly focuses on the American agent character and Skibidi.

How to play

Move the character and look around using the WASD keys and mouse.

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