Skibidi Toilet Shooter

Skibidi Toilet Shooter

Skibidi Toilet Shooter

In the game Skibidi Toilet Shoot, your mission is to shoot down all the Skibidi Toilet moving towards you. You need to get rid of them before they harm you because they all want to hurt you. Shoot at any enemies you see by moving the cannon to the left and right. If they make contact with you, the game is over immediately.

Continuously move the cannon in all directions to gauge the enemy's distance. Although it may make you feel queasy, a high score is necessary to win. As you play, both the quantity and the speed of payouts will gradually increase, so take advantage. You must play this game as long as you can because this one is endless.

How to play


  • To move, use the keyboard's arrow key buttons.
  • The shoot is done using the space button.
  • To move and shoot, you can also use the buttons on the screen.

Mobile: There are arrow buttons on the screen; you can use those buttons to move, and shoot

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