Skibidi Toilet In The Tower

Skibidi Toilet In The Tower

Skibidi Toilet In The Tower

You can't ignore the obstacle-avoiding game Skibidi Toilet In The Tower, which is located in the tower. Start right away after carefully reading the instructions! The goal of the game is to ascend as high as you can without colliding with any obstacles. You must remember all of the notes to avoid them when playing; they are stated in the instructions. Scores and records are listed in the Menu Header, you can identify them on the game screen.

How to play

Control Skibidi Toilet to avoid obstacles:


  • Left Key= Move Left
  • Right Key= Move Right


  • Touch Left= Move Left
  • Touch Right= Move Right

Note: Avoid spike balls, thorns from 2 sides and also flying monsters and collect golden coins to win this thing.

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