Skibidi: Mad Toilets

Skibidi: Mad Toilets

Skibidi: Mad Toilets

Skibidi: Mad Toilets is a new game in the Skibidi Toilet series that transcends the boundaries of chaos. It was made in the same gameplay as the Angry Birds game. Bring the Skibidi Toilet to the cameraman in the max of three shots. Interesting, isn't it? The weapon this time will be a slingshot. It's impossible to estimate distance, so the only way to win this game is through intuition. Players have a total of three attempts; for each miss, one star will be removed until you lose all three. To complete the task and move on to the next challenge, use the mouse only. Can you handle it?

How to play

Use your Mouse to play this game only:

  • Drag to adjust the direction and force of the throw.
  • Release to throw Skibidi Toilet to hit the target.
  • Each missed shot will remove one star and you only have three in maximum.
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