SCP-096: Modest

SCP-096: Modest

The powerful are engaged in SCP-096: Modest game while we are quietly going about our daily lives. You will travel to a hidden laboratory in this horror adventure where researchers are studying animals with magical abilities. Although they make every effort to dissuade us from believing it, they do in fact exist. Leading researchers are examining these enigmatic organisms and testing them in various ways in the meanwhile. And it should come as no surprise that they find it unpleasant—just think of being around electricity, chemicals, and other laboratory "charms"!

It is therefore not surprising that many escaped test subjects hurried to get revenge on their captors when a security breach occurred in the underground complex. Now, you have to flee from the worst of them. Because he dislikes eye contact, he goes by the moniker SCP 096 Modest. And he tries to kill everybody who sees what he truly looks like. 

How to play

You must find a way out of the laboratory since he will pursue you via its chambers and corridors. Explore each room you pass through carefully; you might find something valuable or even a weapon there. However, don't linger for too long—SCP 096 is on the way!

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