Rainbow Monster VS Skibidi Toilet

Rainbow Monster VS Skibidi Toilet

Rainbow Monster VS Skibidi Toilet

You should play Rainbow Monster VS Skibidi Toilet at least once since it is an entertaining fighting game. Go ahead and engage the opponent while you're a Rainbow Monster to avoid getting knocked down by the Skibidi Toilet. Players must take rapid, deliberate action to avoid being assaulted. To eliminate foes more quickly, they can also gather new weapons like baseball bats or rifles. To win, carefully read our guide and use a flexible dodge.

Tips And Tricks

  • To make the Rainbow Monster jump farther and longer, tap fast and frequently. 
  • For a significant boost, turn on the magnet power-up items to draw in all the coins and points on the screen.
  • Do not worry about being hit. Just keep moving forward.

How to play

  • Key Left : Move left
  • Key Right : Move right
  • Key Up : Jump/move up
  • Key Down : Move down
  • W,A,S,D : Camera Pan
  • Z,X : attack
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