Noob VS Evil Granny

Noob VS Evil Granny

Noob VS Evil Granny

In the game Noob VS Evil Granny, your girlfriend has been kidnapped! She's been missing for a few days. The police didn't do anything about it. Looks like you need to take an action. Find and rescue her in an abandoned house. That night you receive a mysterious letter saying that. "Oh my god. She's in an abandoned house on the outskirts of the city! Come save her, if you have the guts?" Go into that house and save your girlfriend from the kidnapper. Beware of the dangers around you and protect yourself at all times. The attraction of this game also lies in the mystery in every detail it brings. Join the challenge now and adventure with it! Good luck!

How to play

W,A,S,D to walk around

Mouse to Look around

Left Mouse Button to Fire

Right Mouse Button to Aim

Mouse Wheel To Change Weapons

G for Grenades

R to Reload

F to Pickup Items

Left Shift to Run Lef

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