Ice Scream: Horror Escape

Ice Scream: Horror Escape

Ice Scream: Horror Escape

Ice Scream: Horror Escape is a fun puzzle adventure game. Take on missions and get out of the ice cream truck. Many details are arranged for the player to judge and choose the object in the request. Scene design game in an ice cream truck space. There are instructions for you to complete the mission and go out successfully. Pay attention to details and observe the arrangement of objects in the room. Complete the mission in a short time and overcome other challenges.


  • The game combines an attractive logic puzzle genre.
  • You need to find collected objects to complete the requirements and receive the key.
  • Successfully unlocking the room means winning the challenge.
  • The room has many deceptively designed objects.

How to play

  • Move observations with WASD keys.
  • Zoom in on the object and perform movements with the mouse.
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