Hit The Skibidi

Hit The Skibidi

Hit The Skibidi

Hit The Skibidi is a fun sword throwing game where you need to tap the screen or click to hit the target. Initially you will only see Steve (a character in Minecraft) but when you hit 10 with 10 hits, Steve will transform into Herobrine. After scoring another 10 points, Herobrine will transform into a Skibidi Toilet with his own soundtrack. Concentrate and try not to let the swords be thrown in the same place.

Aim at the target's empty spots and tap the screen or click to take action.

Enjoy it any time you want because it's free!

How to play

Aim at the spinning target and throw the sword at it until the first 10 is reached, the target will change until the Skibidi Toilet spawns

If you hit any of the previously thrown positions, the game will end immediately

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