Hero 5 Katana Slice

Hero 5 Katana Slice

Hero 5 Katana Slice

In Hero 5 Katana Slice, you think the war is over but the war itself has arrived at your doorstep. A neighboring clan decides to expand their possessions and take over your homeland. You have no choice but to fight to your last breath. Your family is in danger from enemy attacks. Take the katana from the ancestors to defeat all the enemies that threaten your family. Attack the samurai enemies and eliminate all who stand in your way. Crush armored enemies with all your might. Make a long-range throw at the ninjas hiding on the roof and throw darts at them. Save your homeland and family from waves of enemies!

How to play

Left Mouse Button (Hold) - Katana Attack
Right Mouse Button + Aim on Enemy - Throw on Target
Mouse - Look around
WASD - Movement
Space (Hold) - Jump
Shift - Run


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