Hero 4 Slice Enemies

Hero 4 Slice Enemies

Hero 4 Slice Enemies

You have unparalleled strength and gigantic claws as you play Hero 4 Slice Enemies. The game takes place in a city that has been taken over by the enemy. They should be cut into bits. Destroy the giants who are clad in armor. An adversary is dismembered after being hit by a long-range throw performed by the user. When an enemy is hit by a circle, all of their surrounding opponents take damage. Even after taking damage, adversaries are still a threat since they will pursue and attack you. The headless foes will wander aimlessly throughout the area in whatever direction they choose. Successfully complete the job, and you will be the only one left alive.

How to play

Left Mouse Button - Claw Strike

Right Mouse Button - Throw on Target

Press the mouse wheel - Circular kick

F - Grab the enemy

Left Mouse Button - Throw a Captured Enemy

Mouse - Look around

WASD - Movement

Space - Jump

Shift - Run

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