Halloween Scary Jungle Road Drive

Halloween Scary Jungle Road Drive

Welcome to Halloween Scary Jungle Road Drive game! It is thought that this bush is home to ghosts. Jamie, a young boy who is very inquisitive, approaches his pal "Aron" and begs him to tell him about the forest. Jamie disregards Aron's advice and boldly ventures into the bush in order to investigate the weird occurrences that have been linked to this particular woodland. Could one's natural curiosity get them into trouble? Will he make it through this? What followed after that??? When you arrive to play this game, you will be able to find out straight away, discover the items that are buried deep in the forest, and assist Jamie in escaping.

How to play

On the route to the finish line, there are ghosts. Turn off the headlights and come to a complete stop when there is a warning on the screen until it disappears. If you don't stop or switch off your headlights, the level will fail.

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